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Warsaw Spies – Urban Spies


We are a group of urban spies, who daily roam Warsaw in search of new intelligence. We scrutinize layouts, observe buildings, eye boards and signs, examining each of them individually and trying to combine them. We do not ignore any information sources: books, internet, social networking services, chatting with locals and newcomers. All of these are thouroughly verified, and then transferred to the data analysis system, that we always have on us, positioned above the neck; hence our motto: “never lose your head.” To confuse the counterintelligence service, we address ourselves as guides.


We create spy rings, consisting of visitors and locals, operationally called “groups of tourists”. Such a “cover identity” allows us to move freely around the city without attracting attention of uniformed services and counter-espionage agents in plainclothes. For the same reasons we call our “spy-ship” a means of transport, secret documents – city maps, decoding machines – telephones. That is why up to now we have not been worked out by anyone and if you consistently stick to this terminology and security measures, you won’t get uncovered, either.


Our mission is to educate as many urban spies as possible.
A City Spy is someone who through professional training, can read and understand the city, its history and development. Someone who seeks to know the truth about the world around them.


Every candidate for an Urban Spy undergoes training in the following skills:

  • urban alphabet: all the cities write their stories with the same alphabet; it consists of the layout, architecture, monuments, plaques, ornaments;
  • history: knowledge of the historical background allows for proper reading of the alphabet;
  • urban spy tools (secret).

Why Warsaw?

Perhaps what you have heard about Warsaw does not make you want to visit it. How could a city almost wiped out during World War II and rebuilt under communism awaken one’s interest?

Here are the reasons why you need to visit Warsaw:

  • History. One of the most interesting, most turbulent and most appealing stories in the history of the world. The history of a capital city which rode out the collapse of its state and a metropolis which survived its death and rose from the ashes like a phoenix.
  • People. There are people retated to Warsaw who you probably have never heard of and whose stories should be known to everyone. A volunteer to Auschwitz. A member of the Resistance, who disguised as a Wehrmacht general obtained secret documents of the Atlantic Wall. A secret agent who contributed to avoiding World War III, are just a few examples
  • Architecture. The Old Town on the UNESCO List. One of the most beautiful palace and park complexes in Europe. The Royal Route bordered by palaces and parks. The only communist skyscraper outside the former USSR
  • Art. Numerous museums and galleries. Street art: murals and sculptures. Festivals
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