Warsaw Must Sees Tour

Warsaw Spies Warsaw Must Sees. Photo: Warsaw Royal Castle

Warsaw Must Sees is an adventure, during which you will learn about the most famous tourist attractions in Warsaw, seen from the perspective of the City Spies. You will find that behind the facade of the most viewed monuments lie fascinating, dramatic and sometimes very recent stories.


Become a City Spy.

During the tour you will learn to read the language of the city immortalized in its layout, architecture, commemorations, ornaments, the language with which it will present you the unusual history of its inhabitants. You will discover the sights to see and the stories to hear.

Experience the most spectacular sights of Warsaw and extraordinary stories that are associated with them:

  • one of the most beautiful palace and park complexes in Europe,
  • the “newest” old town in Europe, inscribed on the UNESCO list,
  • Royal Route – the most beautiful streets of Warsaw,
  • the story of the largest European state, which disappeared from the map swallowed by its neighbours and its dramatic fight for independence,
  • Royal Castle, one of the most important buildings in the seventeenth century Europe,
  • the fate of the only Non-French Napoleon’s army marshal,
  • a composer who created a new kind of music, admired all over the world,
  • the palace where the Cold War began and finished,
  • the palace which for years was the only communication channel between USA and China,
  • the man who stopped Lenin and knew how to prevent World War II,
  • the birthplace of the greatest female scientist of the world and the way she immortalized the love for her homeland,
  • the house where one of the most important Cold War secret agents lived,
  • the only volunteer to Auschwitz, murdered after the war by the communists,
  • the history of the greatest crime against officers and the largest rising during the World War II.


  • pick-up with the spy-ship at your hotel,
  • getting familiar with the equipment of a City Spy and tasks to perform,
  • Łazienki Park and Palaces,
  • Royal Route,
  • Old Town: the Royal Castle, Market Square, New Town,
  • Krasinski Square,
  • drop off at the place you choose

Duration and cost:

3.5 h; 169 PLN per person.

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