Treblinka – A Death Complex Tour from Warsaw

Treblinka - a Death Complex Tour from Warsaw. Photo: Monument in Treblinka

Treblinka – a Death Complex is an experience, during which you will visit the site of one of the largest mass crimes against humanity. It is estimated that at the Treblinka II extermination camp more than 800,000 people were murdered and at the Treblinka I penal labour camp about 10,000.


The overwhelming silence, clearing surrounded by trees observing thousands of stones, which commemorate hundreds of thousands of victims and the awareness of being in the place where they were murdered.

During this trip you will visit:

  • site where the Treblinka II extermination camp was; at no other, except for Auschwitz Birkenau more people were murdered,
  • remains of the Treblinka I penal labour camp, such as: a huge “valley”, dug by prisoners working in the gravel pit, the foundations of barracks, bunkers,
  • execution site of the prisoners of Treblinka I,
  • Museum of Fighting and Martyrdom in Treblinka, in which you will see a model of the death camp, pictures, objects left by the prisoners, and where you can watch documentaries,
  • monuments commemorating the victims.


  • pickup from the hotel
  • drive to Treblinka
  • learning the historical background at the Museum
  • visit the site of the Treblinka II camp
  • visit the site of the Treblinka I camp and the execution site
  • return to Warsaw.


about 7h:

  • transfer to Treblinka: approx. 1.5 hours one way,
  • visit: up to 2.5 hours,
  • on the way back there is a possibility to have lunch.


  • 1 person – 900 PLN,
  • 2 people – 550 PLN per person,
  • 3 people – 400 PLN per person,
  • 4 people – 350 PLN per person,
  • 5 and more – contact us.

Price of lunch: 25 PLN per person.

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